Puget Sound Region IBU-Employer Hiring Dispatch Service

IBU-Employer Hiring & Dispatch Service
1711 West Nickerson Street Suite “D”
Seattle Washington 98119

Office Hours

8:30AM  – 4:30PM

206-284-5040  Fax 206-284-5043

Register for Marine Towing Jobs*

(dispatches only in Spring/Summer, April-September)

– Chief Engineer (CE Limited/Oceans,   OICEW/RFPEWpreferred)

Deckhand Engineer (QMED/Oiler, RFPEW preferred)
– AB/Oiler
– AB/Tankerman PIC
– AB/Able Bodied Seaman (Special or higher, RFPNW preferred)
– AB/Cook

– OS/Cook
– Log Deckhand
– Ordinary Seaman
A-B/Mate Trainee (min.1600T Oceans license)

* all requires valid MMD/MMC, STCW95 or BST, TWIC, and Passport.

Register for Casual Labor/Dockworker

(dispatches only Apr.-Sept.)

Casual I (entry level)**
Casual II (forklift exp. req.)**
General Dockworker (Crowley only — 100 forklift exp. required

** requires HS diploma or GED

Registrations are generally accepted in January for the upcoming Spring and Summer.  Call or e-mail Gail McCormick at (206) 284-5040, ext. 12 or gail@ibu.org

This dispatch service does not register for Washington State Ferries, call 206-284-5040 ext 10 for that information.